At Whimsy+Bloom I make lots of different things, most of them related to babywearing (although from time to time I get to make children’s clothes, dressing up items, quilts and felted figures)



My page is here, on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/whimsyandbloom.

I’ve been sewing for nearly 5 years, but in the last two have focused predominantly on conversions – wraps to ring slings, buckles and mei tais, as well as custom carriers.

Babywearing continues to be a huge and important part of the way we parent and I’m now a Babywearing Peer Supporter. I enjoy being able to volunteer at our local Sling Library.

I don’t quite know where we’d be without babywearing and I am grateful that I get to work with beautiful fabric, making slings for people to carry their little ones close.


I am kept very busy these days and my waiting list is around 2 months. I love to keep my work as local as possible so that each custom sling is truly bespoke. For any more info, my website will be up and running shortly.






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