what Ava wore

It’s been a while since I did one of these, which is a shame really because Ava has a growing sense of her own style and a very definite idea of looks she wants to achieve. Now her hair is longer, she asks everyday for pigtails ‘like Audrey’, a Rapunzel plait or straight hair ‘like Ivy’. She really likes her friends’ hair.

Add to that, she’s quite into accessorising too and has a rather enviable jewellery collection already, with her pearl set being her most favourite currently. (Somehow a pearl set seems to match her personality perfectly)

There are times when I feel a tad dubious about encouraging this interest in clothes and hair and outfits, worrying, as Mamas do, about the way this world can be for girls, and all the things that are so much more important.

I remind myself that it’s no big deal. It’s fun. Her interests are huge and varied and this is just one of them. And what’s more, I firmly believe that all curiosity should be encouraged and celebrated. Her interests are her’s alone. Her body and appearance are her’s alone. If she wants to watch a documentary about human anatomy whilst wearing a pretty dress and pearl set, well then, that’s fabulous, as Ava would say.

I think today she was ready to ditch the pyjamas that have been lived in during our week of cold, and feel better. Pigtails, pearls and her flower girl dress that I made her last year, were requested.



Later she changed into her ‘Belle dress’ with Audrey’s sunglasses, and later still asked to get her face painted like a tiger.


2014-07-17 15.58.09



Meanwhile Ezra, who is still trying to get over this cold, wore absolutely nothing, most of the day. As is his style.



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I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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