Conversations with a 3 year old

Ava: What’s that sound? It’s creepy.
Me: It’s a lawnmower. Someone’s cutting their grass.
Ava: No, I don’t think so. Someone’s grinding bones to make their bread.

2014-07-15 11.50.32

Ava: Ezra, you bounce up and down like me.
Ava: I’m such a good big sister. You’re very lucky.


Ava: We all sitting at the table together!
Me: Yup, you, me and Ezra.
Ava: Oh no, someone’s missing!
Me: Daddy is at work today, he’ll be back later.
Ava: Not Daddy! Where’s my little sister?
Me: We don’t have a little sister yet, do we? Maybe one day.
Ava: Come on Mama, you have to grow her for me.

Ava: What do you think?
Me: I like your outfit. I like that your shoes match your dress. What do you think?
Ava: I think I look fabulous.

2014-07-15 11.47.49

Ava: Ezra, where is your head? Good boy! Where is your teeth? Good boy! Ezra where is your hands? Clever boy! Where is your bagina?
Ezra: Blank stare.
Ava: I just joking you Ezzy! You don’t have a bagina! You have a willy! (Fits of laughter)


Me: What are you doing?
Ava: Mama, I’m organising your books.
Me: Why are you lying on them?
Ava: I needed to take a break.



About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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