Saturday projects

It’s rare that we find ourselves without any solid plans, on a weekend. Especially a Saturday. Rarer still that we don’t have any big jobs to do, or All The Housework. But when a day like this comes along, the nicest thing to do, I find, is to float from project to project, picking this up here, and that up there, stopping regularly to snack, or nap, or read books, or fill the paddling pool. Whatever.

So today, I found myself doing just that. After ballet, we got coffee and Ava and Ezra ran around a playground. Then we came home and Howard decided to finish off painting the inside of the playhouse. Ava is still a little under the weather, so she wandered between being inside and out, and Ezra was busy being Ezra, into everything, onto everything. I did some needlefelting, started painting a dollshouse, sewed a few more wrap scrap quilted keyrings and then we all hung out in the garden until it was time for bed, marvelling that finally, the playhouse painting is done (and personally, the excitement of all the decorating that can now follow) and enjoying all the colours of the flowers which seem to be blooming right now.












About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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