adventures at home

Yesterday we spent the morning outside in a local park with some other families, and by the time we were ready to leave, Ava’s throat sounded hoarse and it was hurting her.

A big box of fun kitchen-based goodies (from the nice folk over at Betta Living) was waiting for us when we got back, which was perfect timing since Ava hasn’t been up to doing much of anything. Lots of different things to do in the kitchen? Yes please!

Ava was thrilled to find some DIY ice lolly makers in there and requested we get on that right away.



And she also wanted to wear the Miss Piggy mask which is somewhat disconcerting. (The small people agree)


Days at home are filled with their own kind of adventures. I forget this. We spend so much time going out and about that I forget how important down time, home time, is too. There’s so much opportunity to play when there is enough free time, which is just what we’ve been doing.



We’ve been decluttering, deep cleaning and rearranging this week, which has given our rooms an injection of fresh energy.

I need a little bit more of a plan right now. Unschooling means there’s no such thing as terms or school hours. There’s no division at all between learning time and all the rest, the living. But right now, for my sake, I need a little bit of a routine which my kids can take or leave as they see fit.

Sometimes I struggle to find the middle ground between dictating what we are going to do and not doing anything at all. For a little while, we’ve decided to try and have certain days for certain things. Like Mondays for food shopping. Tuesdays for baking. Wednesdays for one big messy play activity and so on.

With the understanding of course that all those things probably will and do occur on the other days too. And that none of it is prescribed. But this is for me, so I can be more organised in offering activities and projects. I’m easily overwhelmed and still drawn towards overcomplicating things, even though I know, always, simple is better.

With this is mind we are not doing much today other than tending. I love that word. Tending to Ava, who wants to rest and snuggle. Tending to the house and to the cleaning and sorting.

Bringing little things to Ava to make her feel better. Her favourite DIY Belgian hot chocolate with squirty cream. Heart-shaped toast. Pillows and blankets.


Playing with Ezra, who was most chuffed this morning to have a playdate of his very own, with his own little buddy Oren who is one of our favourite little people. Later, we have teeny plant pots to paint and lavender and sunflower seeds to plant.


I’ve never had a kitchen from Betta Living, but I do like their designs very much and I’m quite a fan of ogling and collecting Dream House ideas. I like their ethos too, and so if you fancy it, check them out here.


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I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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