a whole long day of gardening

We came in at quarter to six, over eight hours spent in the garden (bar an hour inside with sleeping Ezra, whilst reading ‘The Poisonwood Bible’). It feels like it has rained – and not just rained, but furiously pissed it down – for far too long. I don’t mind rain. Or going out in rain. But when it’s the kind of rain that soaks you in the time it takes you to walk from door to gate? No thanks. I don’t find that fun at all. Ava doesn’t like getting that kind of crazy wet either, and even Ezra, who I suspect is in his element when head to toe in mud, could only stand it for so long.

So all our garden plans were delayed. My lists laid unchecked. Every time it stopped, for a brief five minute period, I’d sneak outside and try to paint something or plant something. After days of this, of Howard setting his alarm for 7 in the hope that it might not be raining and he could build more of the playhouse – well, we decided to give up until it was decent.

And today, it was. It swayed between being fine and lovely, but the fact that we weren’t wading through huge puddles, or dodging an army of slugs, meant that it was finally time.



We managed to do almost everything we had planned to do over last weekend (plus some holiday Howard took off), and now we are feeling tired and achey and satisfied. And the garden is looking pretty good, and close to being done.

Howard got the playhouse sorted, and I focused on a mud kitchen, which was a project that was quick, relatively easy and massively inspired by this post, as well as by some real life examples from very cool mud-kitchen-building friends. Plus, since almost everything was upcycled from tables and paint and bits and bobs we had lying around, it cost about £10 in total. Fantastic. I expect we will add lots more to it – today we gathered sticks, shells and pine cones, but maybe we’ll also get a sink and some other cool additions too.





And now the mud kitchen is built and the playhouse up, and various things potted and painted, I can start thinking about how I want to paint and decorate Ava’s ‘little house’ (curtains! a quilt! a table and chairs! bunting!)




20140531_153744_resized (1)





And we can make a raised bed out of the strange rubble and soil area left when the shed was demolished, which means I can begin to grow things. Edible things.


Gardening is turning out be a bit of a dream.





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I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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