A quilt and a crown

Before Ezra was born I had the idea that a birthing quilt (for him) might be nice. I started it, and it was a welcome distraction in those last few weeks of pregnancy. But it didn’t get finished, and when I considered how nice it would be as a 1st birthday quilt instead, it was put away in my works-in-progress box.

Small family traditions are something I’m rather fond of, especially when it comes to birthdays. Birthday bunting, a photo timeline, a birthday breakfast. And since Ava got a quilt on her 1st birthday, I liked the symmetry of Ezra getting one also.

With 2 days until his birthday, I am knee deep in quilting. Largely because I decided to change the design on Sunday, which meant last minute foraging for more fabric, several trips to local fabric shops, and a very patient, lovely husband who brings me tea and toast at 8am when I’m sewing in the craft room and doesn’t even suggest that it might not matter if it’s not done in time for Thursday, since Ezra is one and won’t really know the difference.



A first birthday is significant, after all. Even if he doesn’t remember the details (and who knows), a lovely day full of nice things is something not to be missed wherever possible. It’s significant for me, as I try to remember each part of the birthing process, and significant that a whole year has passed so quickly, and significant that Ava can enjoy making him a card and wrapping his present (a book she chose) and join in the celebrations.

I’ve just finished his birthday crown. As I was making it, I thought about Ava’s birthday crown, which is the first thing I made for her, three and a half years ago now. It was very basic, hand sewn and based on the crowns in A Creative Family, but it felt very special to be making something for her birthday.

Now, I know a lot more about sewing, but I’m just beginning to learn about felting. It’s sort of the way it is with parenting, getting to know one child and then beginning to know another. Always feeling like you have so much to learn.


Ezra’s crown is the first thing I’ve wet felted and then needle felted on top. I’m not sure I can express how much I love felting – I enjoy it more than almost any other medium – and it helps that no matter how much of a beginner you are, the fleece is forgiving. It wants to merge and form dreamy, atmospheric patterns that look haunting and playful and mysterious all at once. Oh my.


Layers of green with some gold thread, and toadstools felted on top. Because I think of Ezra as my little garden gnome, a spring baby, and because toadstools are a thing I love and a thing I associate with Ezzy.


On Thursday we are going to a farm for some Easter Egg hunting, lamb petting and frolicking outdoors, where Ezra loves to be most. One! It’s a good age.



About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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One Response to A quilt and a crown

  1. Josie says:

    Oh my, what a cutie! We could all do with a little gnome to help out in the garden. You have done a fantastic job on the crown and I’m sure the quilt will be equally as stunning.

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