a Christmas story

We’ve had a good, usual kind of Christmas. It didn’t start off as expected (our electricity blew and wouldn’t go back on, so everything was switched off – fridge, boiler, kettle. All the things you need not to to switched off, especially on Christmas)

We opened up presents wrapped up against the cold waiting, with hope, for our landlady’s husband to come around and fix everything, which he did. And by mid-morning, everything was back on schedule.

Despite the unexpected start, the day was lovely. Presents, nice food, a Christmas walk. Those sorts of things.

As anticipated, Ava’s favourite gifts were her purple sparkly shoes, a new princess dress and a pink princess tent (gah). And happily, the gift I was most excited to give was their joint gift, a beautiful oak barn – made by an unbelievably talented friend – filled with Holztiger figures and it is much loved and played with already.

Ezra got some rainbow beads, rainbow stackers and a lovely alderwood heart-shaped teether. And of course was more bothered about the box it came in. He does seem to enjoy standing up against the barn though.

On Christmas Eve they opened up their Christmas Eve box, put on their new pyjamas, made some hot chocolate in new mugs and watched some classic Christmas Tom and Jerry cartoons.
Then when they were both asleep, I finished a bamboo scarf for Ava in lieu of her Yule dress which is all cut out and ready to be made. My last order was finished shortly before noon, and I just couldn’t muster the energy to make anything else. Knitting doesn’t really count. Plus I knew that as soon as she saw that pink Sleeping Beauty dress no other dress would get a look in.

Other gifts she seemed to like were new face paints, a rainbow streamer, books, a star shaped bath bomb wand, and some shadow puppets and hanging stars from friends. We forgot all about a camera we bought for her a couple of months ago so we gave it to her this morning – a Boxing Day gift, before we head off to my parents.

I’m still full of Christmas dinner today. Ezra seems to have shaken off his cold a little. Ava is once again in that pink princess dress (I’m coming to terms with my girl’s love of pink and princesses) My body is starting to let the past few weeks sink in and I feel like a few days of rest, of pacing myself and just enjoying this family time, is calling.

Merry Christmas, to all of you.



About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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