a love of felting

I’ve fallen a wee bit in love with felting. Actually, a lot. I feel a little bad admitting this but I think I may love this particular craft more than any others…even more than sewing or knitting.

I can’t stop. There’s something about working with wool in this form – the whispy, mysterious nature of it and how easily it responds to just the lightest touch.

2013-09-16 16.29.39

There’s something about the process too…each time I don’t know exactly how a figure will turn out. There’s a gorgeous mixture of winging it and trusting your fingers…and the outcome is these interesting little characters that seem atmospheric and otherworldly.
2013-10-13 10.44.42

I’m not sure I’m doing any of it the way I’m supposed to. Aside from being in the presence of a friend felting a little flower, and subsequently watching a 5 minute tutorial on YouTube on how to felt a pumpkin, I genuinely have no idea if what I’m doing is ‘right’ or not…except that I’m so happy with the way these figures are turning out I don’t really care.

The whole thing has been a welcome reminder that the very best learning is always by doing. As a book junkie I am always deschooling myself in the habit of believing that books are the source of all wisdom and knowledge and are the authority on all things.

And then there is the fact that teaching yourself is usually the best place to start. That skilled friends are often willing to help. And how satisfying it is to experiment without a limiting set of rules in your head.


So far I’ve made two pumpkins, one pixie, two toadstools, an Autumn wreath, one Lady Autumn, an Autumn tree, three felted balls and now this, my litte witch (and I think my favourite of all)..
2013-10-13 10.20.032013-10-13 10.20.51

Honest to goodness…I feel like I might just have found myself a new love, something my restless fingers can pick up and do relatively quickly.


Meanwhile, if you would like to see some very beautiful felted work from ladies I know then check out these two crafters. Sarah at Felt So Good has made us a Farm playmat, a felted Autumn bowl and felted Autumn soap. And Tracy at These Free Birds is making Ava a felted mermaid for one of her Yule gifts. She does incredibly enchanting figures and all sorts.

2013-10-13 10.59.16IMG_20131011_120937
(Sarah’s felted farm playmat and Autumn Bowl)


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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