these autumn things

Long days outside, new love of felting (wreaths, pixies, pumpkins, Lady Autumns), baking crumble and cupcakes, snuggling siblings, car boot sales, climbing in new winter boots.

2013-09-16 15.50.072013-09-16 15.51.552013-09-16 16.33.122013-09-16 16.31.432013-09-16 16.01.512013-09-16 16.06.552013-09-16 16.29.392013-09-16 16.30.022013-09-16 16.27.102013-09-16 16.30.442013-09-16 16.25.442013-09-16 16.26.152013-09-16 16.05.372013-09-16 17.03.492013-09-16 15.48.292013-09-16 15.52.542013-09-16 15.49.36


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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2 Responses to these autumn things

  1. lizzyruffles says:

    I am so incredibly impressed with your needle felting! Right I’m off to go and see if I can find some needle felting stuff I bought ages ago – you have inspired me (I love your autumn lady’s hair!).

  2. lizzyruffles says:

    Annoyingly I wrote a comment and it disappeared so apologies if you’re reading this a second time! I am so impressed with you needle felting skills. I love the hair on your autumn lady. I’m off to try and find the needle felting stuff I bought last winter. Also kudos to your partner for getting to grips with the woven wrap…mine really struggles! X

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