corners of my home

There’s little I love more than home – the idea of it, the actual being in it, the invitation to be in other people’s. Home is, in every way, an extension of who I am and who our family is and it changes constantly to reflect the way our family changes.

A while back there was a series of posts around called ‘Corners of my Home’, on the likes of SouleMama and those like her. I thought it might be nice to do something similar, so that when these spaces around us change, I can remember what they once looked like.

When we first saw this house, we loved it instantly. Things about it – nothing big or flashy – made us feel like this was exactly the kind of home we needed right now.

We loved that the dining room had big glass doors that opened up to a garden we saw lots of potential in (we’ve always had courtyards). There was something about the light that spilled in and filled the room that caught us.

Recently I felt that, given the amount of time we spend in the room, it needed to be tweaked a little. The green in there needed to be more. The spaces better used to accommodate what is a play/craft/dining room.

So I extended the paint, whitened up the doors and radiators (I do love crisp white highlights in a room) and moved around a few things and it feels finally, for right now, at least, right.

Our dining room is where we do lots of art and crafty things, and obviously where we eat most of our meals. I love our big farmhouse table, but it takes up a lot of the room, so I needed to find a way to work around it.

When we moved in, I was excited to make our third bedroom a craft room, and it was for a while. It was pretty, too. But it turns out I like to work on our large dining room table, in amongst family things. I need a lot of floor space for quilting and there just wasn’t enough upstairs.

Now, our dining room has my own crafting corner (all of my fabric remains in the cupboards and wardrobes in the study), but it’s mainly a space for Ava and Ezra. It houses their little table and chairs, their wooden dollshouse, their kitchen.

We moved Ava’s table to the doors so she could look out on the garden whilst she’s painting or drawing. The blackboard area now has playsilks and instruments. And the opposite wall has a reading/beanbag space for lounging next to the kitchen area. (I’m convinced most rooms should have a lounging/bed/cosy area)

Corners 3

Corners(We often have breakfast on blankets in front of these doors. Ava likes to loll around in the light and shadows)

Corners 2

Corners 4
Corners 9(Some craft books and current projects…
Corners 8(…patterns, thread, ribbons etc…)
Corners 5
Corners 6
Corners 12
Corners 11
Corners 7(Ezra loves being outside, even if it’s just to watch me hang up washing)
Corners 10(Ava, naked bar cloak and one white ‘Dorothy’ shoe)

It occurred to me today that my children are almost always naked. Is this just me? Are other kids as continuously naked as mine? They just don’t like clothes. Who am I to argue?


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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4 Responses to corners of my home

  1. What a beautiful, inspired space! My kids were always naked too, until recently now that they are 3(tomorrow) and 6(in a month) they seem to wear clothes more than they’re naked, but it’s not much more.

  2. louise says:

    What a beautiful home. I love that print of the woman sewing is it by Niki McClure?

  3. teamcarr says:

    My children are ALWAYS naked!!! I think the neighbours think I never get them dressed :-/ !!!

  4. teamcarr says:

    My children are ALWAYS naked!!! I think my neighbours think I never get them dressed!!!x

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