We’ve had a busy weekend, rallying all our energy into Doing Things. Sometimes weekends are the kind that hide in between two weeks, that draw the curtains and throw all the quilts on the floor and recede into itself. Not this one. This one was the kind with back to back somethings.

Yesterday we had family visiting. Pizza for lunch. Strawberries. We played with our finds from the car boot sale that morning (eight books from Ava’s wishlist and a Snow White costume or ‘fairy dress’ for A, a top for Ezra, fabric and a vintage necklace for me) We had salad for dinner and cider in the evening.

Today we put up some Oliver Jeffers’ artwork (from ‘How To Catch A Star’) in our study. I went to a Positive Birth meeting which reminded me how valuable a supportive community is, and how doing new things, whatever they are, is the kind of movement I’m interested in right now. I updated my 365. Worked some more on a scarf for an upcoming birthday. We played and read. We sauntered through town and to the library. Had baths. I wrote. We did our best to distract a grizzly, teething baby. And now, Community.

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About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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