Conversations with a 2 year old

Knocking Ezra’s head.
Me: Ava, I’m not sure Ezra likes that.
Ava: That’s my head
Me: Actually that’s Ezra’s head.
Ava: No it’s mine.
Me: Where is Ezra’s head then?
Ava: We swapped. Look. I a boy now.

Ava: What’s that Mama?
Me: It’s Ezra’s necklace. It helps him feel a bit better when his teeth are coming through. You had one when you were smaller.
Ava: I want pasta.

Ava: Hmmm, Tom
Me: Who’s Tom?
Ava: Cindaumbrella
Me: Tom is Cindaumbrella?
Ava: No Mama, Cindaumbrella is Cindaumbrella.

Ava: I got some tea for you Mama
Me: Thank you…oh, there’s fish in it.
Ava: I put fish in the cup
Me: Okay…
Ava (exacerbated): It’s fish tea Mama! It’s delicious!

Ava: Don’t eat my biscuit please Ezra
Me: Hmm..I don’t think he’s big enough for biscuits yet.
Ava: No. He a little baby. He just have Mama milk.
Me: Yes. Maybe when he’s older we can share our biscuits with him though.
Ava: Ezra can have the rich tea biscuits. Ava have the choccy ones.

Me: Can Ezra have a go on Angus when he’s older?
Ava: Yes. But he go really fast and I say, ‘Oh! Ezzy! Be careful! Hold on tight Ezzy! Don’t fall’, like that, and then Ezzy get really upset and I say, ‘It okay dalling. Ava’s right here.’

convos 10

convos 11


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I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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