a summer dress

Today, like every day, Ava’s first request was to put on a dress. I’d managed to complete a summer dress for her last night, so this morning, she was very excited to find a new dress hanging up in her room, ready for wearing, twirling, exploring.

You might ask, does this little girl need a new dress? Does she not have a ridiculous amount already? Well, yes, but a Mama-made dress…surely there can’t be enough of those.

It has been over 8 weeks since I sewed anything. 8 weeks! When I first got this sewing machine shortly before Ava’s 1st birthay, I launched into my first project – an Autumn quilt for Ava, and other birthday bits and bobs – a felt crown from Amanda Blake Soule’s ‘Creative Family’, a dress from Clothkits (so, so easy to put together for a complete beginner). And after a month of quilting and sewing, I was hooked. (Hands-on learning about something you love? The best) I don’t think I’ve had such a long break since.

But you know, new babies and such. So it was I was beginning to feel twitchy. My intention to knit and nurse was not nearly as easy as I had imagined. The trousers I had cast on for Ezra lay half-completed, as do several other projects. But yesterday, with the aid of a helpful husband and sleepy baby, I got to make this dress – from Jennifer Paganelli’s ‘Girl’s World’. The ‘Josie Dress’.

new dress 3

new dress 5

I am very pleased with it. I love nautical fabric – navys and reds and whites are my favourite colours for girls.

I made it in a size 4 – 5 because more often than not I find patterns on the small side, however this was actually quite generous in sizing, which means it will need slight adjusting. Just a little shortening of the straps and taking in of the bodice.

new dress 8

new dress 9

(I asked Ava if I could take some photos of her so she added the bunny ears and umbrella and walked theatrically around the living room…)

But Ava loves it. And I love it.

new dress 14

It’s all cotton, of course – broderie anglaise bodice, nautical sailboat cotton for the waistband and sash, and a heavier navy cotton for the skirt.

new dress 17

I like the gathered detail at the bodice.

new dress 7

The sewn in waistband and sash.
new dress 15

new dress 6

And I added a little trim to match the bodice too, which I think ties it together well.

new dress 16

So, another dress, another day. And now I’ve started again, there’s so much more to sew. Summer trousers for Ezra! My much loved Cute-as-a-button booties! And I must find projects for all that beautiful caramel and pink tartan waiting to be used. I think a new bubble dress and some new cushion covers for the living room to start.

Yesterday, I got a lot of help from Ms A, who declared, ‘I love dresses. Ava make one for Mama’. She measured and drew on ribbons, wound and unwound thread. I love watching her imitate, repeat, explore. I love seeing her learn through this kind of play. It reminds me of how I learnt to sew. Throwing myself into a project I loved – that meant something to me, and completing Ava’s Autumn quilt. I learnt so much on that first quilt – nearly all the sewing basics, tricky techniques, tricks and so on. I learnt because I wanted to, and because it excited me to do so. It was fun.

new dress 1new dress 19

Ava knows all this already. The world is her classroom, and I hope, will always be.

new dress 12


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I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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