this week

– we have enjoyed the company of good friends, every day, and with it, plenty of good food, conversations and general setting the world to rights.

– we have played outside for much of the day, in the garden or at our park, on swings or on trees.

– I have forgotten to do a shop (online) every single night, meaning poor Howard has had to go to Sainsburys every morning before work.

– I have reached the half-way point in a writing project which I began nearly five years ago, finished nearly two years ago, discarded, rescued and then edited, heavily. It feels like the end might be in sight, now.

– I have made the first step towards getting an allotment, which is itself the first step to the kind of homesteading life I dream of, but am still unfamiliar with. (Images of Felicity Kendall in ‘The Good Life’ fluttering through my mind)

– I have tried not to make too big a deal of things with Ava and have seen a noticeable difference. This, combined with mindfulness, is my challenge every day.

– I have watched more ‘Breaking Bad’ late at night and begun to make lists of some of the making I’m eager to start on (summer dresses, winter dresses, knitted dresses, knitted leg warmers for my little sling baby, new cushion covers for the living room…and on and on)

– we enjoyed a late afternoon nap together, all three of us, which I later strongly regretted when Ava went to bed much much later.

– we have been attempting a bit of a new routine with some quieter time in the afternoon. So far, so good. Unless we all fall asleep.

– I had the last of my baby reflexology classes, and have enjoyed doing a routine on Ezra’s feet every day (he seems quite fond of it too)

– I have thought about some important changes I need to make as I approach being 30. Not entirely sure how to implement some of them, but this is a decade I am looking forward to.

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About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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