Conversations with a two year old

Every night it gets to about this time, around ten, and both my kids are sleeping. Usually Howard takes Ezra and I enjoy an hour or two of arms free time before a night of snuggling and nursing, when we eventually go up to bed.

And I think about writing here, every night. There’s so much to write. All the thoughts I’ve been having about unschooling, about child-centeredness, about limits and boundaries, and more than anything, what it’s like now to have two.

But all of that seems too big when you have this little bit of time at the end of the day. Right now, all I can muster is the energy to just sit and watch something (Breaking Bad, at the moment, or if it is a Monday night, Game of Thrones). So tonight I share with you some of the recent conversations I’ve had with our eldest, the true Lady of the house.

Me – ‘Would you like more porridge Ava?’
Ava – ‘You’re very generous Mama.’
Me – ‘Thank you. It’s your porridge though sweetheart.’
Ava – ‘You made it.’

Ava – ‘Daddy going to work?’
Me – ‘Yes.’
Ava – ‘To write.’
Me – ‘Yes.’
Ava – ‘Daddy works on a pirate ship.’
Me – ‘Does he?’
Ava- ‘Yes, with Captain Hook.’

convos 2

Ava – ‘No Angus!’ (Angus is Ava’s new horse)
Me – ‘Why are you cross at Angus?’
Ava – ‘He pushed me. I hurt my foot.’
Me – ‘Did he? I’m sure he didn’t mean to.’
Ava – ‘Well he did actually and it makes Ava feel very sad.’

convos 5

Ava – ‘Go outside!’
Me – ‘We will soon, we have to get ready first.’
Ava – ‘It’s daytime outside.’
Me – ‘It is, yes, it looks a bit cloudy doesn’t it?’
Ava – ‘Oh no! It going to rain. Okay, let’s read the Gingerbread Man.’

convos 3

Ava – ‘Daddy get out of bed.’
Howard – ‘I don’t want to get out of bed. I want to stay with you and Mama and Ezra.’
Ava – ‘No get on the floor.’
Howard – ‘Ava I’d like to stay in bed.’
Ava – ‘No I push you down the stairs.’
Howard – ‘Please don’t. That would make me feel very sad.’
Ava – ‘Get on the floor!’


Me – ‘Would you like a birthday party when it’s your birthday?’
Ava – ‘A biiiig party?’
Me – ‘If you want..’
Ava – ‘Oh thank you Mama, that’s so very kind of you.’
Me – ‘You’re so welcome, and who do you want to come?’
Ava – ‘Coral and Callum and Ivy and Billy…'(lists everyone we know)
Me – ‘Would you like balloons?’
Ava – ‘How about orange ones and blue and green and…’ (lists every colour she knows)
Me – ‘Okay, well would you like a rainbow party? With a rainbow cake?’
Ava – ‘No. I want a white cake.’

convos 4
convos 9
convos 8
convos 7
Convos 6


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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