What Ava Wore

Before climbing out of bed, Ava’s first request is always, ‘Put a dress on, Daddy?’ Then she runs through to her room, opens the wardrobe/dressing up chest/drawer and makes her first selection. This is a girl who loves to dress up, more than she loves doing anything else. And whilst she clearly has no concept of fashion (long may that continue), she certainly has her own aesthetic. She goes through several different outfits a day, with long periods of partial or full nudey-ness in between (aside from wellies or those blasted clippy cloppies)

And honestly, if you know me, you’ll know that she most certainly does not get this from me. I care less and less about what I look like and what I’m wearing (if I make it out the door with both breasts covered it’s a small miracle). I do love pretty toddler dresses (the more old-fashioned and wholesome the better), and Ava has always had her fair share of Mama-made ones. But these days her wardrobe is bursting with beautiful items she has somehow acquired – from all those who know her and pick up a pretty number every time they see something they think she’ll love. Perhaps all the dresses she sees being made here have a little to do with it. Or perhaps her inner Lady just enjoys the feeling of being a ‘gown up’ in them.

Anyway, a week of What Ava Wore…from yesterday.

Tuesday 22nd.

Ava wore 2

Her morning outfit – Floppy hat and beige vintage clippy cloppies (favourities – and I’ve never actually worn either, so at least my daughter gets good use out of them), with Mama-made smocked sundress and a handmade necklace gifted to Ava by her friend Oscar.

Ava wore 3

Next outfit – a floral playsuit. This is the ‘trendiest’ thing she owns…a little too fashionable for me…but she made it her own with some stripey wellies.

Ava wore 1

ava wore 4

ava wore 5

The third outfit is actually Ivy’s dress. They swapped, although it just occurs to me now that it was no doubt Ava’s idea to ‘swap’ so she could steal poor Ivy’s lovely dress. Hmm. We both loved this one. She paired it with a rose hairclip first and then swapped it for the wellies and hat.


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I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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