a May day

We’ve had a busy, full and wonderful day today. As the last of our visitors left and I collapsed happily into my armchair, I realised how much I love days like this one.

We’ve had a lot of quieter, just-us kind of days since Ezra has been born. Days like yesterday, when the three of us read, painted and went to the park.

But there is nothing I love more than being in the company of good friends, whose Littles are much loved by my Littles. All the joyful excitement, the conversations about parenting, about future possibilities, and more than anything, seeing Ava so blissfully happy around those she feels most comfortable with.


Whilst she is a child who is very happy in her own company doing her own thing, who often dislikes large groups of people she doesn’t know, she really blossoms around those she does know well and loves. All of her little friends are much adored and talked about by Ava, but none more so than the ones she saw today, who are mentioned on a daily basis.

Watching her play with Ivy, she is in her element, both of them so curious, happy and chatty. Today they swapped dresses and shoes, played in the sandpit, ate ice creams, watched films and drank their juice out of tiny wine glasses (no doubt about it, these two are little ladies)

play 3

play 4

She is equally smitten with Ivy’s Mama, who she happens to share a birthday with, and seeing them together, seeing their many similarities, warms my heart.

play 7

Again and again, I find myself thinking how easy it is to expect so much from these wee ones, more than we’d expect from ourselves. The different ways they are are things to be treasured. I love Ava’s capacity for serious, careful consideration, and I love how quickly that can change to pure joy and happiness when surrounded by those she loves. She certainly does not give her heart away to just anyone, but those she does choose to let into her inner most Ava circle, she loves fiercely, and with a great deal of care and compassion.

play 9

Poor Ezra was frazzled by the end of today. Eventually I took him upstairs whilst Howard and Ava had a bath, and he immediately chilled out, smiling and relaxing on our bed. I wonder if he too will be sensitive to the energies around him – and the ways he will have, all unique to him, of connecting to those he knows and loves. For now though, I am so happy to be the one he needs and wants the most. It’s a real privilege.


For the rest of the week, as suggested by Emi, I’ll be posting a series of pictures recording some of the outfits Ms Ava chooses for herself. Because they’re pretty great, and the little lady loves does love to dress up.


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I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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One Response to a May day

  1. Emi Ralph says:

    Can’t wait to see them!

    And don’t forget, I’m always available to continue my 100% Ezra-winding streak, should you need me! 😉

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