Conversations with a 2 year old

Sometimes, it seems Ava is just on top form all day. Today was like that (bar the sugar-induced craziness that hit pre-bed), and I often think to myself, ‘I must remember that conversation’, and then before I’ve written it down, I forget it, or at least, I forget the details. So I thought I’d write some down here, from time to time.

This morning, our first conversation was, as is often the case, about what Ava wants to wear. I find this so amusing since I am not someone who has ever made a big deal about what she wears, or for that matter, dressed her in particularly ‘girly’ clothes. I do wonder though if all the making and sewing that goes on around here has had an effect on her because she loves her outfits and she really does have her own style.

‘Mama, today I wear a white dress, I think’
‘Which one is your white dress?
‘Actually, my wedding dress’
‘Oh, okay. You look like a princess in it Ava.’
‘No mummy. I not a princess, I a queen.’

After that she went searching for her ‘crown’ (an embroidery hoop with lots of fabric strung around it) and I had to agree, in every way, she really does have a regality about her. Her haughty look is impressive. And she can be very disapproving.


Shortly after, she announced, ‘I want to see the little green man’.

(Last week, Howard brought home a Yoda key-ring from work that lit up, and Ava was quite terrified of him. She made Howard put him away in the wardrobe, and has occasionally led me there during the day, at various points, to proclaim, ‘The little green man is in there. I no like him. He’s not nice.)’

But today, apparently, she’d decided that actually, he was okay. Maybe he’d been on her mind. Maybe she’s overheard us compare her talking style to his, in the past. So we got him out and she examined him apprehensively before declaring, ‘Yoda is nice, Yoda is a my little strange alien man, I put him in bed’ and then went to the effort of setting up quite an elaborate bed for this tiny Yoda key ring which has become a new toy for her.

This afternoon, in the garden, whilst she was lying out under a blanket with her elbows beneath her head, she stated, ‘Mama, I a girl’ (she often tells me this). ‘

Yes, you are’ I replied. ‘A beautiful girl’
‘No Mama, not a beautiful girl. Just a girl’ she said.
‘Oh, well. Okay. But I think you’re very beautiful’ I said.
To which she let out a hearty sigh, rolled her eyes and turned away.

Garden 2

When we were in the bath, I asked her when she thought Ezra was coming.

‘Not today, tomorrow’ she said.
‘Oh? Well that would be nice. I’d like that’, I said.
‘He come out of Mama’s tummy. In the water. Ava come out of Mama’s tummy too. Not this one, the other one. Ava’s not a baby. Ava’s a big girl now.’
‘That’s right. Will you show him how to do all the things you know how to do, since he will just be a little baby?’ I asked.
‘No. Not a little baby. A biiiiiig baby. In Mama’s biiiiiig tummy’

Then before bed we had another chat about the Big Bad Wolf.

‘Mama, look, he cross, he eat the little piggy.’
‘He tries to, doesn’t he?’, I replied. ‘But the little piggy manages to save himself and the wolf goes away.’
‘No Mama, the wolf is hiding’
‘Where is he hiding?’ I ask.
‘Look, I’ll show you…there, behind the tree.’
‘Oh. Okay. What about the little piggy then?’
‘The wolf eats the little piggy. Yum Yum Yum. Wolf is happy’

I guess that is Ava’s preferred version of the story.


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I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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One Response to Conversations with a 2 year old

  1. hmquist says:

    This is such a good idea! You’ll enjoy looking back on these convos so much in the years to come. My mom has funny stories of things I said, but only a few and I hear the same ones a lot!

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