handknits and baby clothes

In a few days I’ll be 7 months pregnant, which is around the mark where it seems wise to start at least thinking about certain things. Making preparations for a homebirth. Getting some clothes sorted, buying some reusable nappies.

I’m sure I had all of this pinned down months ago when I was pregnant with Ava. But you know, second baby and all that. Little Ezra is sure to be a much loved, if less fussed over baby.

I had thought that we would need to buy a few pieces of clothing for Ezra, until we unearthed many large binliners full of Ava’s newborn clothes and it was apparent that there is quite enough there to last him for some time.

An inordinate amount of baby vests (but then, can you ever have enough? That pesky breastmilk poo gets everywhere), and a huge amount of sleepsuits, which is what I’m imagining he will wear for the first few months of his life. And then there are all the lovely little knitted items – so many of which Ava just never got around to wearing, but my goodness, knitted rainbow shorts? Pointy-hooded cream snowsuits? Yes please.

baby clothes


Pointy snow suit
3 month old Ava in her pointy snow suit

So we washed it all and I’m about to put it all away, in the room that will be his and Ava’s….not quite bedroom. It does have a big bed in it, but I doubt either will sleep in it for some time. Besides, once we get back from our Highland wedding this month I have decided the entire room needs doing. Murals need to be painted. Canopy alcoves need to be made, and all of Ava’s dressing up clothes need a very special area. Shelves up, bedtime bags hung, doorknobs painted. This will be a space for both of them, with earthy blues and yellows and reds. I’m very excited.

big elf hat2

Meanwhile, with an ever growing bump measuring nearly full-term (but I’m not, for sure), I am trying to ease up a little bit on the activity and tailor my nesting to knitting instead. And there has been a lot of knitting. Several more elf hats, several more pebble vests, and a couple of things for myself.

fingerless gloves 2

I made myself some fingerless gloves with beautiful ‘Kendal’ coloured organic Merino yarn I was given as a Yule gift. I love them! And with the leftover yarn I made a knitted bracelet which I think I’ll end up doing in all sorts of variations for friends and family.

fingerless gloves


And since these little vests are both addictive and easy to knit, I figured I better fit Mr Ezra’s in now, before I overdose on them and decide I can knit no more for months. I finished the last one for a friend’s baby a few days ago, and last night cast on Ezra’s lovely green one.

And I have a Spring knitted dress planned for Ava, found scouring the amazing pages of Ravelry. I woke up a few nights ago and my fingers were moving around as if knitting in my sleep, and for a moment I was confused as to where my needles and yarn were. It’s addictive, this knitting business.

big elf hat


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I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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3 Responses to handknits and baby clothes

  1. mshannahw says:

    I hope you will share photos of the room once you have done the mural etc.! It’s funny, people keep asking me when Freddie’s room will be ready (so he can move out of our room, they imply) as it’s still just a “stuff heap”, but I don’t think they realise that even when it’s not a heap I don’t intend to move him into there, he can go there when he chooses :).

    How on earth do you find time for knitting?! I guess Ava is of an age now where she is content to amuse herself for some time, as long as you are nearby…? But, if so, how do you do that without feeling guilty for not giving her your complete attention? I struggle to find the balance between overcrowding Freddie and giving him space … “how much time is it ok to work on other stuff for whilst he’s awake?” is an impossible question I ask myself a lot, and the answer always seems to be none – which means he probably wishes I gave him more space…!

    Where is the Highland wedding you’re going to? Some friends of mine are going to one in (near?) Oban this weekend, would be funny if it was the same one! x

    • Kendal says:

      The wedding is on the 23rd, and it’s near Kyle of Loch Alsh. It’s in that pretty castle that is always featured on shortbread tins and in films!

      I know exactly what you mean about feeling that guilt, but things change so much in such a short space of time. Freddie is only just 1, isn’t he? Things were very, very different when Ava was 1. Although the change is gradual, looking back on it it is quite surprising to see how much everything shifts without you really noticing…

      Ava loves to ‘help’ me with things at the moment, but she also loves to just get on with her own thing as long as she is nearby, or right next to, me. So for example, earlier she sat at the table drawing whilst I filled out my new diary. There are lots of moments when I can just pick up some knitting and do a few rows whilst she is preoccupied. Knitting is great for that, and I find things get complete just by being able to do little by little, row by row, here and there. With sewing, not so much. Occasionally I can do some if she is very absorbed by something, but more often than not she wavers between doing it on her own and asking me to join her, which I always do.

      I think I was very guilty of always just assuming she needed me/wanted me to do everything with her. I suppose the more I read, or the more she grew up, the more it seemed like she could be just as, if not more so, creative, without me. I find she likes me to be available for her to play/join in when she wants, but often quite enjoys directing her own activities…(another reason I love unschooling – it seems to fit her character well)

      I will most certainly put photos of the room up. I love the thought of Ava having a space she feels is her own – I do genuinely believe everyone needs that, regardless of age!


      • mshannahw says:

        Wow, that’ll be lovely! Hope the weather is good 🙂

        Yep, one earlier this month. I am already noticing that he will be content, like Ava, to get on with his own thing when I am nearby. I think it’s tricky just now because he isn’t very mobile or verbal, once he is both then hopefully he will know he only has to ask if he wants me to play with him, or for us to read, or whatever, at the moment it is all me guessing his needs. Like you say, it’s good to be available to play/join in, but knowing when that is just now is hard, although I of course follow his cues (and it’s getting easier, he holds out toys and points a lot!).

        Looking forward to seeing the photos 🙂 xx

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