Sunday thoughts

Sunday comes around so quickly. I no longer have that icky, slightly anxious Sunday feeling of going to work (or school, for that matter) tomorrow, but I do have lots of thoughts of the week to come, occupying my head.

This past week has been full, and so very busy. Quite a start to the year. Our MamaMake relaunch went better than we expected and it looks like we’ll have our hands full (literally, full of fabric) for a while. Plus, we had time to work on some more designs and make a few more bits and bobs too, like our ‘Dorothy’ dress, and our Mei-Tai sling for Little People.

Ava Sling

I did plan on making Ava’s fairy costume this weekend, but you know what? I had the most amazing first Yoga class, and I feel so calm and centered that I want to keep that going – I don’t want to rush ahead. Her fairy costume can wait til tomorrow, or the middle of the week.

She has had so many new dresses and outfits lately that every single morning, her first request is usually, ‘Pretty dress!’, followed by ‘Mama, get up’ and then ‘Mama put on pyjamas’. I don’t think this is a bad thing, since all her dresses are Mama made, and honestly, I love that she is really developing her own style. The other day she picked out an entire outfit that was so matching I felt like declaring her a style genius.

It does mean though, what with all the costume changes, that by the end of any given day she has gone through four or five dresses, inevitably covered in porridge/soup/toast…etc. She has emerged as a dressing up diva – she knows exactly what she wants to wear and when and normal clothes don’t interest her anymore. She wants to be in character. I didn’t expect so much pretending at this age – but I want to encourage it in any way I can, so if that means letting her wear her tutu and wings whilst eating lunch, all the while listening to her say, ‘Bootful fairy, show Daddy!’, then fine.

I am excited about her fairy costume though, although I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do certain parts. I need it to be fairy-ish enough whilst still being simple and understated – which means no fuss, no sparkle and the colours can’t offend my sense of taste. But, there can be ribbons, and roses, and some lovely Waldorf wings. In fact, when it comes to costumes, I’ve realised my taste is entirely Waldorf – the more simple, the better, since it seems to encourage open-ended play. Plus, I find that with Ava, if something is too fussy, she doesn’t want to be in it for long.

I like there to be a practical element to the things she wears – which has meant sometimes elaborate dresses I’ve tried to pull off have hardly been worn at all. Like most kids, I suppose, she’s all about the comfort, and I find that that usually works fairly well with my own preferences for making clothing. Simple and understated with attention to detail.

So, I’m hoping I can pull off a very Waldorf, (and very MamaMake) fairy costume that Ava still adores. I have all the fabric here ready and waiting and Howard went out and got me more shirring elastic today so I’m ready to go.

But for tonight, I am still riding the relaxation glow. It was so lovely to be in a room full of expecting Mamas, and maybe more than anything, meet one or two who are like-minded souls, people who can perhaps offer me some wisodm and guidance as I progress in my own readings all about freebirthing and such.

And just as I am starting to think about birthing as a very real, not too far in the future event now, I am reminded that my body is too – I had my first Braxton Hicks contractions today, and I had all but forgotten what they felt like. It’s a strange sensation, not unpleasant, but somewhat startling at first. It also reminds me that my body is doing its thing – growing a baby- and that my job is just not to interfere. (Huh, thinking of it like that is very much like my philosophy on raising a child!)

I am looking forward to doing more yoga, and talking to new friends, and getting more in the mindset of where I need to be. Maybe just slowing down a little. Taking stock, and most definitely evaluating what I should and should not be spending my time on (Facebook, for example.)

And since I’m doing my 365 photo a day challenge again, I’m also trying to be more mindful of the small moments in the day. I know our days will change very soon, that our family will be wholly different, and I want to cherish the now of it before I can’t remember what these days ever felt like, with just one child. (One day, with five children hanging off me, I won’t even be able to recollect how these days with just Ava passed). Perhaps that is why the energy of every pregnancy is so differnt, which our Yoga teacher astutely pointed out. Maybe it signifies the change in family dynamics to come.

D dress


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