As far as I am concerned, the weekend starts on Friday. We did a lot of rough playing today, kicked it at the park for a while, and now we are trying to occupy a small toddler whose back teeth have decided to come in, and who wants nothing more than to be chased, thrown, tickled and rough-housed as much as we can bare.

This weekend, I have some making plans – a couple of costumes, and a dress, as well as a custom order I am quite excited about. But I am particularly keen to finish these little people slings and to see Ava and her friends carrying around their dolls and teddies in them. And on Sunday I have my first meeting with the ladies who write and edit the NCT magazine, for which I wrote some things a while back. And then, finally, my first pregnancy yoga class, which has started at the perfect time – just when I am starting to feel a few aches and back pains that come from being big of bump.

We’ve just been looking at old baby photos, trying to figure out if Ava does in fact look like either of us. It’s strange…to see something recognisable there, however hard it is to pinpoint what that something is.

Howard, circa 1984

Ava trains

Me, circa 1985

Ava grin

Happy weekending, everyone

About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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