Not one for New Years, or resolutions, I am surprised by how excited I’ve felt today being in 2013. Even though the last half of 2013 was remarkably better than the first, I think it’s still nice to be able to shake off the year and all the things weighing it down, and to feel refreshed, reinvigorated and ready for all the things coming in 2013.

Which is set to be a very busy year, it seems. In fact my mind is already flitting ahead to April, to August, to October…and I have to stop myself and remind myself to go slow. Try, at least, to slow down.

But going slow is not something I’m good at, and there is an incredible amount to be excited about.

Today, MamaMake launched our Spring Line, which we have been working very hard on recently. New website and everything. Even new branding and logos, all seasonal of course. We have more still to add, and over the next week or so there will be more dresses, our Spring Cloak (I am very excited about this), and other bits and pieces to do, orders to fulfill, new orders to prepare for.

It feels great, actually, to be focusing so much energy on something I love to do, with someone who also has the same aesthetic and same principles in mind, when it comes to making.

And Ava seems all too happy at the amount of dresses and skirts and tutus and crowns flying her way. In fact, dressing up seems to be her favourite thing to do these days (I tried to take her tutu upstairs earlier and she shouted at me).



I love this. Her dressing up box is positively overflowing and we have plans to make more things to add to it (and our MamaMake line) In fact, I have decided to make her a ‘Dorothy’ dress to wear since every time she watches ‘The Wizard of Oz’ she empties my large yarn basket out so she can pretend she is Dorothy, and she runs around the living room, basket in arm. All she needs is the dress now, and the small yappy dog. And some sparkly red shoes, of course.

But today, today I decided not to do any sewing whatsoever, which will be the first time my sewing machine has not been out since…October maybe.

Today we have taken the Christmas tree down, and de-Christmassed our house, which feels so good. I am ready for the new year. Our living room is light and airy and spacious again.

We spent most of the day indoors, where Ava practised her new favourite game – sliding down the stairs on her tummy as fast as she can, which is a little bit terrifying and very funny. And I discovered that I have a serious addiction to spicey foods. Or anything that I can sprinkle hot chilli flakes on.

And now we’re about to watch some prequel to Battlestar Galactica which promises to be better than Caprica but not nearly as good as BSG. Is anything?

Wishing you all a truly wonderful 2013


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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