and a book is done.

Well, kind of. The first draft anyway. And it’s not mine, but Howard’s.

One of the ways I have been measuring out this year has been in terms of the goals set by Howard’s writing deadlines. Last year at this time he decided to give up writing short stories and to attempt his second novel, to be completed in a year. I wasn’t convinced. I was enjoying his short stories too much and proud of his publishing accomplishments. Plus I thought that maybe a year wouldn’t be long enough. But today he came home from a writing session declaring that, indeed, it was done. 205, 000 words of a first draft.

There is still much to be done – some things to add and many things to take away, but the bulk of it is there, even if right now it is overweight and flabby. I am excited and proud, for many reasons. Selfishly, I hope he returns to writing short stories, because I very much enjoyed them – both reading and editing them, and they’re much more my kind of thing anyway.

But also, what an accomplishment – an entire novel. His second granted, but this one with much more deliberate thought and planning, many, many hours spent thinking and writing it. My writing goals are much smaller – articles here and there, occasionally something vaguely fictional. Narratives scare me – I don’t think I’m cut out for them.

But I do find myself back in this space on a near daily basis, at the moment, and I am grateful for your emails and for the time to share the small, daily accomplishments I’m achieving at the moment.

Today, for example, we went for an early morning swim and then a 3 mile walk. Which is quite a distance for me at the moment, with my huge bump and achey back. I do love being in the water, with Ava and on my own – and I made a pledge to swim more in the next 3 months.

When we came home, I sent off more MamaMake orders, then made a couple of new things for our Spring Line. These are our ‘Pretty Little Purses’ and they are simple, sweet, and of course, a little whimsical. Fabric purses/clutch bags, 100% cotton, lined and with a hidden layer of cotton batting, these little quilted numbers are so very lovely I want to make them for everyone I know. I have a feeling they might appear around the house a lot in a number of different capacities – sewing bags, make up bags, letter holders…


Our two new Spring Elf Hats, finished yesterday, will be in Apache Purple and Madison Green.


But beyond the making, was the baking…and my goodness, please, please try this recipe. It is honestly my most favourite sweet thing in the world to eat. Butterscotch Green and Blacks chocolate? Bananas? Cake? Heavenly. I am in fact eating my second slice right now…


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I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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