Right Now

I am munching on gherkins and contemplating soon opening up the large box of Guylan chocolates that Howard was gifted earlier today

I have been bashfully wondering how it is that Ava has still ended up with so many presents under the tree and in her stocking (not to mention her main gift which will lie under covers until Tuesday) when I thought I’d been doing very well at keeping it simple

I am full after a wonderful homecooked meal and not sure I should be eating either the gherkins or chocolate

I am feeling glad that Ava loved her pink dress. She told me it was beautiful and refused to take it off, twirling and dancing in it all day long. Enough to make a makin-Mama’s heart sing.

I am so enjoying the many conversations I have or overhear Ava having every day. Getting a glimpse into her mind and her personality is truly fascinating and always heartwarming

I am trying to find time to concentrate on Ezra, on remembering I am pregnant, on being mindful of that little life inside me too.

I am feeling more Christmassy than I have in years, so enjoying these past few days, and so looking forward to all our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day plans

I am still wondering exactly what we will do for New Years Eve

I am happy to have found the missing box of DVDs where Christmas favourites like Wizard of Oz and Elf were hiding

I am finishing the last of Ava’s gifts – the back of a felt mermaid and a felt penguin, and tomorrow, one last bubble dress for her for Christmas Day (It’s okay – she is my little MamaMake model) whilst Howard puts together her wooden kitchen in the dining room

I am excitedly exchanging emails with Sam about all the things we will be including in our Spring Line, and even what we are thinking about for our Autumn and Winter Lines

I am looking forward to a MamaMake business meeting/date/day out eating Barburritos and plan plan planning

I am excited to be working on some inspiring writing projects next year, with some very inspiring people

I am doing my best to let unimportant things go and just enjoy the good stuff, because there is so much good stuff, so many good people, that sometimes my heart really feels like it is going to burst






About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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