Pebble Vests, Bubble Dresses and Tutus, oh my!

Today has been a strange day. All of our plans were scuppered and I spent the majority of the day with a sleeping Ava on me. But you know what? As sad as I was not to make the Yule feast we had intended to go to, the rest was unexpectedly welcome.

Yesterday was a busy day of making – (that is, before my sewing machine disagreed with me). I managed to get quite a bit done and went to bed feeling full of satisfaction.

Let me show you Ava’s Yule dress, first. Made with dark red velvet and dark brown ribbons, this is based on the same bubble dress design that will be featured in our new Spring Line for MamaMake. Except of course, they will be in Spring colours, and all will have signature ribbon sashes and ribbon bow details. (MamaMake is all about the signature ribbon, you know)

Red Velvet Bubble Dress

I love this. Even more than last year’s, which was a green velvet party dress. And Miss Ava likes to twirl around in it too!

Red Velvet Dress 3
Red Velvet Dress 4

(Here is a sneak peak of one of our Spring Line Bubble dresses which is for one of Ava’s favourite people who we are hopefully seeing tomorrow) This one is in pale grey cotton with ivory ribbon details, but we will also be doing the pale grey with teal and pink ribbon details too. And then a whole host of other Spring colours!

Grey Bubble Dress 2

Grey Bubble Dress

I am quite in love with it, and since I declared back in, oh, August, that the bubble dress was going to be one of the new MM signature dresses, I am thankful that it is finally making an appearance. (4 months of morning sickness will delay even the best laid plans)

Next, the Pebble Vest! This is the very first piece of clothing I have knitted and I am ridiculously proud of it – It’s for a special kiddo I know and now I am just faced with the task of choosing which buttons to sew onto it (The ones in the picture are pretty cute though). I have to thank my MamaMake partner for her incredible patience and knitting wisdom. It was so very fun to knit and has just convinced me further that I might indeed have a knitting heart. I can’t wait til she shows off all her lovely knitting plans for next year – this lady has some knitting magic, I tell you!

Pebble Vest

And last, but certainly not least, another latecomer – this Tutu has been on my to do list since May. Since I first received my much loved copy of Oliver + S ‘Little Things to Sew’. I fell in love with it at first sight – it embodies everything I am attracted to in clothing – romance, simplicity, whimsy and a whole lot of nostalgia. And most of all, it is subtle and understated. The five layers of varying colours give an added elegance to it that makes my heart flutter. Plus, its double ribbon waistband makes it extra comfy to wear and extra sweet.

Autumn Tutu

This one is a gift for Ava’s Christmas, so obviously it is in Autumn colours (seriously, I could melt into this) but we are also doing a Spring, Summer and Winter one in seasonal colours too, for MamaMake.

And, aside from that, I have also been embroidering a felt mermaid for Miss Ava and have completed my first stripey elf hats too.

A busy day followed by a day of rest – seems like a good balance all in all.


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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