A little bit of Christmas, here and there

Oh, this week has brought Christmas on in full force. The entire world has gone white overnight, it seems. Our garden is in a permanent state of freeze, and it is really rather beautiful, if not worryingly cold out there.

Our door is opening many times a day to parcels and Amazon deliveries, and the pile of presents beneath our tree and in our stockings is growing, slowly.

We are certainly having a few more house days which means a lot more making for both of us, and that seems fitting right now, at this time of year. But today, finally, I finished all my MamaMake orders (at least, the ones due before Christmas) so it means from now until Christmas Eve I can busy myself with my favourite kind of making – that for Ava, and friends and family.

December is an exciting time, but this one seems even more so than normal. Every day I am reminded of how much there is to be thankful for. Perhaps that is what make it seem all the more Christmassy this year.

And although I am looking forward to Christmas itself, and generally celebrating the days around it, I am also so very excited about next year, because it holds so much possibility.

Nothing tops the excitement of meeting baby Ezra, who kicks me all day long and does not seem to like my love of spicy food. Of course I am also excited about watching Ava grow through her second year (so far, there has been nothing terrible at all about her twos) and I am beyond thrilled to see Ava and Ezra together, and very touched by how much every day she talks about him, refers to him, draws him. I imagine there is truly nothing more magical than seeing your children interact and I look forward to that constantly.

We have plans, big plans for next year. MamaMake is now two – myself and my very talented friend Sam (who Ava is rather obsessed with currently), and we are launching a whole new line of clothing, quilts and seasonal bits and bobs that we are both very excited about. There’s been a lot of planning, sketching, and general frothing over with ideas. As always, our aim will be to make beautiful but simple clothing made from good, natural fabrics, but we are going to be following the seasons a lot more closely.

I had no intentions of making anything at all for MamaMake this December. Yet somehow I ended up making 12 stockings, 8 elf hats, and 5 dresses. So. That has been an unexpected bonus and has certainly propelled us into thinking about what we might do next year. It has also meant, of course, that I only today (today!) started the majority of my making for family and friends. I know the next 12 days are going to be so busy, but I am giddy with glee at the thought of getting started on the pile of fabric and yarn and bits and pieces that have been patiently waiting for me.

Thankfully, there are a few things I uncharacteristically made a few weeks ago. Ava’s Yule dress (one of the dresses from our new line – a beautiful bubble dress in velvet), a tutu, some embroidered pieces for friends and a few elf hats.

Aside from the making, we have been doing our best to do as much as possible. After all, there is so much to enjoy outside, regardless of the cold. We have been feeding the birds and squirrels in the park. We have been walking into town, with many a trip to the library or for a hot chocolate. And I have enjoyed recent outings – entire day outings! – to Lincoln and London. A part of me knows that soon, I will not be able to do such things for quite some time again, so I have been making the most of this last stretch of pregnancy to do as much as possible with friends.

But there is another part of me that is just grateful we are in a very different place to the one we were in last December – so uprooted and unsure of what was to come. Now, it feels good, necessary even to plan, to make things solid. And although there have been some difficult decisions to make of late, I have been reminded, once again, that what you put out into the world is what you get back.

That we are all responsible for our own lives and who we choose to have in them. We need not tolerate anything or anyone should we decide that it does not work for us. December reminds me of all those who I love, but who are far away, in one way or another. It reminds me of those we have let go of, because it is so much about those we hold close.

Tonight, Ava is having a little friend sleep over, and I am making a very special dress for another of Ava’s friends. These really are good days.









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I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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One Response to A little bit of Christmas, here and there

  1. sio orient says:

    I can only assume you made the mushroom top for Ava? if so very nice 🙂

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