who loves the sun

Almost at the end of an incredibly busy week, I feel as if I should take one more step and snuggle up in bed where the rest of my family is. I know I have yet more busyness tomorrow, shopping for wedding dresses and lunch and buying ribbons and fabric and other things for the Craft Fair next Saturday that I am frantically sewing for (last minute? me?)

And yet. These moments of aloneness, at the end of a day, are worth the extra tiredness.

Every day this week we have visited or had visits from friends, sometimes twice in a day. We have had magical woodland adventures at the sweet toddler group we go to on Thursday mornings, where I am falling fast in love with Westbank Park and all its secret areas.

On Monday, I had one of the finest birthdays in years, with some lovely presents – a sewing machine pendant I have been admiring for a long time, sewing books, fabric from Purl Soho (a rainbow quilt? I think so!), a handmade book and handcrafted perfume called ‘November in the temperate deciduous forest’ which smells so exactly like Autumn I could happily be done with summer right now. In the evening, Emi came round and we drank wine and ate chocolate and stayed up late while our Littles danced around us and fell asleep, talking and laughing and conspiring. It was, honestly, perfect.

I think it is the magic of this house, and how enchanted we are with it. We tend to it, every day. We clean, we cook, we paint and create in it. We are thankful for it, and we feel this gratitude every time we walk back home or we look out our front windows to the flowers blooming in the front garden and the back garden, to the tomato plants growing in the greenhouse and all the things we can imagine for this space soon.

Many times this week I was struck by just how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many Mamas whom I adore and who work so very hard to be present and connected to their Littles. It feels just like I’ve hit the jackpot, to steal Hannah’s words yesterday, when I think of the people who I can talk openly and honestly to, who have known Ava since she was teeny tiny.

In the evenings, I have been sewing family hearts, and bloomers (because you can never have enough bloomers in summer) for the fair, and getting excited about a new project with Mama Pixie and I have been eating a lot of halloumi, too much really, and finishing a book, and starting The Hunger Games, and watching a little bit of Portlandia. Wishing the weather would settle for one thing, or another.

I have listened to Emiliana Torrini and Velvet Underground and Pretty Good Year by Tori (ah, Tori) on loop. I finished the quilt for baby Billy, finally, my 7th quilt and one of my favourites so far. And I made Ava her cloak.

All good things in June.


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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