the little pillow that could

I have been positively itching to get making for our house. The list is long and includes a lot of quilted items. Quilted table runners, place mats, coasters, curtains, bunting…But I also have a long list of things I am meant to be making for the forthcoming (in a fortnight) craft fair I’m attending, and I have been convincing myself that I shouldn’t do anything housewise at all until that is over.

But tonight, I couldn’t resist. Especially since my craft room is now functional as a craft room, even if it isn’t quite finished yet. And today was a strange sort of day – full of rain and necessity. There was a lot of housework and cooking, not to mention baths, painting and a trip to the library. So I felt like tonight I could allow myself just one little item for the house – something small, easy and quick to start with – something that might, hopefully, inspire me to get a move on with all the fair things I really need to make.

And so, the first (of many) pillows was born, from leftover fabric and muslin (oh I do love muslin) in colours to match the living room. I whipped up this easy little cover in less than an hour, using my much loved ‘wonky’ quilting technique (great for when you’re too excited and too lazy to be precise).

I do love this look in general – there is something very freeing about cutting lines without rulers, and peicing together fabrics based solely on whim.

Once the strips were peiced, I quilted them onto some plain cotton backing using intersecting lines that can be placed wherever you feel like placing them, then gave it an easy-peasy enevelope style opening.

It is, of course, as easy as pie to make, and not something I needed to be doing either, but in amidst all the gloss work we are currently undertaking, and the walls that still need some paint, and the various other bits and peices that need doing, it is nice to stop and breathe and focus for a moment on something that feels like home. And that’s how things get done, especially now, with a Little that always takes priority. You fit things in. You slow down and remind yourself that it will all get done, eventually, one skirting board at a time.

Or in my case, one pillow at a time.


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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  1. That is beautiful!!! 🙂

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