A June Wedding

It was the wedding of our friends, Steve and Caroline today. It was warm, happy, fun, there was good food and good music, lots of dancing and singing and talking, a good amount of champagne and the joy of watching our two dear friends get married. All in all, a perfect June wedding.

And best of all, Miss A seemed to have such a lovely time. She fell asleep after the ceremony (during which she did not make one peep, and clapped at all the right times) and then, upon waking briefly during dinner, she climbed onto my lap and fell back asleep, where she stayed for another hour. It was incredibly sweet and I was glad that in a room packed full of strange faces and loud noises and music and movement, she felt able to curl up in my lap and sleep soundly.

When she awoke, she was in the best mood, and she quickly made friends with two of the sweetest children I’ve ever met, a little girl called Holly, 5, and a lovely little boy called Benji who turned 3 last week. Benji was keen to share his cars, his crayons and even his money with Miss A, who took most of his advances with good humour and played peekaboo with him, chasing him around and letting him chase her too. They held hands for a bit, which was of course totally, predictably heartbreaking and he seemed to know she was nearly half his age, treating her with a sweetness and consideration I wouldn’t normally expect from a 3 year old.

However it was Holly who Ava was particularly smitten with, and she followed Holly around, dancing with her, giggling at her jokes and having a grand time being looked after by this adorable, kind little girl.

Later, when I thought we might be ready to leave, Ava joined Holly and Benji on the dance floor and ran and twirled and danced for a solid hour, finding the whole thing incredibly exciting, whilst everyone watched these three little red heads be unbearably cute together. Really now, as if watching your friends get married wasn’t enough, seeing three little sweethearts having so much fun together is almost too much for me to take. All these Littles taking care of each other – this is my kind of heaven.


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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2 Responses to A June Wedding

  1. David, Debs, Holly and Benji says:

    Thank you for your kind words. Holly and Benji loved playing with Ava. Benji was well and truly smitten with her but I must educate him about NOT giving his money away so easily!! Was lovely to meet you all. Take care. David and Debs

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