I had no plans to make anything this weekend, but after the hat, it seemed like Ava could also do with a strappy top and short set (making something is always preferable to doing laundry surely?). And then it occurred to me that there are only a few days left to May which means two things – we are so close to being in our new home and, I have yet to give Emi her May gift. So today I made a pair of Cute as a Button Booties for Pixie, in lilac and yellow, and for the first time didn’t find it annoying at all to make these lovely little things. Perhaps because I adore the feet they are going on, and also because I’m getting used to the more finicky aspects of this specific pattern (and my own specific limitations)

And apart from the making, I have been enjoying Ava in the sun (if not the sun itself – I am an Autumn girl at heart), making lists, lists and more lists of house things to do and make, re-reading Simplicity Parenting in the hope that I can accomplish my ideas of simplicity and handmade in our new home, and reminding myself to go into all the making that is about to unfold slowly and steadily, two things that do not come naturally to me.

So rather than stay up all night every night for a month attempting to get our new home to look exactly like the picture I have in my head, I hope that I can approach this move in a calmer and more centered way. I think that by spending a little time in the rooms before paint, bunting and all the rest goes up, I can try to feel what that room could be at its best.

June – oh my, June is always such a busy month. So many birthdays, parties, weddings and celebrations. A craft fair to make for. So much time to be spent in the garden. So many friends visiting. And my birthday, which is absolutely not something I look forward to, save for the fact that last year the Mosley-Chalks began quite a few birthday traditions and mine was going to see a film on my own on my birthday – a thing I love to do but rarely get the chance to these days.

(As for the other birthday traditions for the two Librans – well, we have birthday bunting, two special birthday crowns, birthday breakfasts and cake, of course, and balloons and a birthday picture-peg timeline)

For now, we have packing and grown up things to sort. And a Little to play with, the most serious of all work.

“There is nothing that human beings do, know, think, hope and fear that has not been attempted, experienced, practised or at least anticipated in children’s play” Heidi Britz-Crecelius


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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2 Responses to weekending

  1. Julie says:

    Lovely pictures, isn’t it nice to see your children playing outside in the sunshine. Why don’t you enjoy birthdays? xxx

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