Cute as a Button Booties

Before I started sewing I had compiled a mental list of all the things I really wanted to make – each one a reason to learn how to sew. I’ve been gradually making my way through that list – family hearts, quick-change trousers, log-cabin pillows – most of which was inspired by Amanda Blake Soule, Anna Maria Horner or Joelle Hoverson.

The latest item to tick off are these super cute, Cute as a Button booties from Ms Horner’s invaluable Handmade Beginnings.


I have been eyeing these up for months and the imminent birth of my friend’s second baby seemed like a perfect excuse to get started on them.


They were not the quickest things to make…I am often surprised by how finicky and tricky little things are to sew, and how much longer the smallest things take to make. But part of the time-consuming nature of these adorable booties is the fact that every single layer is quilted with lovely organic cotton batting, making them very cosy indeed.


The soles have two layers of fusible interfacing in them, batting and lining, so they are sturdy as well as warm.


And there is a little elastic at the back and front to make them harder for little kicky feet to slip off.


I am quite smitten. I like the blue and red together and I found these bright yellow buttons to finish them off. Now, to make a few more pairs for the Attahment Parenting Fair coming up!


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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