things we do on a rainy day

Today, it rained. And rained. It ruined our park plans, not to mention our finger painting intentions.

But I’d be lying to pretend I don’t love rainy days, even when they fall in April after unexpectedly hot weather.

So instead, we did a little more of the necessary things and a lot of the fun things.

We played a lot of music, much to A’s delight, and we swung her around and around. She swished her arms through the air gracefully to Vivaldi, and bounced like a rabbit to Elizabeth Mitchell (whose music gets played nearly constantly around here these days)

We drew mushrooms and faeries and bumblebees, and we named all the colours again and again as she pointed them out.

I watched Mad Men whilst she took her afternoon nap.

I took a short drive in the rain to get things. Mainly, to drive in the rain.

We made honey glazed roast ham with garlic potatoes and roasted pepper for dinner.

Plans were made with a friend to set up a stall at the Attached Parenting fair here in York, in July. Lists of all the things I want to make were penned.

We gave Ava a bath and she soaked Howard with all her splashing.

And we took photos.

Now I’m cutting fabric for an etsy order.

All in one lovely, lazy, rainy April day.




About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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