Things to Make and Do

I do believe it was one of the points on our family manifesto to make more things, and that is just what we’ve been doing these past few weeks. Not so hard, either, when your friends have such delicious babies.

First, there were more of those elf hats that I’m rather in love with. Four more to be precise, in a variety of sizes, to fit the tineiest of newborn heads and the ever-growing head size of small children.



(Ava kindly modelling Ivy’s hat)

And then there was Emi’s birthday, and suddenly a very clear and necessary use for the fabulous Amy Butler fabrics I picked up just a few weeks ago.



(I feel like I’m having just as much fun wrapping things these days)

And then! Then, little Martha decided to come into this world, and thus, Martha’s Sweet Spring Day Quilt was born:



That tiny turqoise elf hat is also for Martha. I named it, ‘Only cool girls wear blue’ (because I’ve decided these things should have names, no?) I knitted it a few weeks before her arrival so I wasn’t sure if I was knitting for a her or a him, but decided that it didn’t matter one bit, and that she/he needed a hat to match all those magical walks to the sea I can imagine her parents taking her on (I cannot think of a more magical and beautiful place to grow up than Cornwall, minutes from the shore)


And a little wool felt cube with bell, for the toy aspect. I did have to use very clever coaxing techniques to part this from Ava. (She already has a few)

And that’s about it. There are a couple more things I can’t yet divulge because they haven’t made their way to their recipients yet, and I have plans to make a pair of the *cutest* trousers on earth for Ava, over the next few days. (I have been eyeing up these trousers ever since I came across SouleMama, and every time she makes a pair, I think, right, time for me to try these with Ava)

But for today? A very pretty little dress for Shirley’s wedding.


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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