these years








go by quickly, don’t they? and sometimes not at all, too. today, this first day of the year, we spent in St. Andrews, walking around, watching Ava chasing birds. It was a good first day, easy and unassuming.








it felt like a good start to a year,                                                                                                since last night didn’t go quite as we had planned, but all in all, it was fine, good even.



















we made a decision, yesterday, not to make any new year resolutions since I’m pretty sure that New Year Resolutions are inherently doomed to fail so this year, instead, we thought we might make a kind of family Manifesto, for 2012.

(sounds a little hokey, but then so does matching handmade outfits, or singing songs together in the car. so you know, things change.)

in the interest of full blogging disclosure (and in the interest of trying to keep them)         I am sharing them here, in no particular order:

:: Listen to more music, and play more music

:: Watch the entire series of both The West Wing and The Sopranos

:: Find a home that is perfect for our family right now

:: Make something, everyday

:: Write more

:: Spend more time outdoors, in all weather

:: Grow our own herbs

:: Have a living room disco at least once a day

:: Have another baby

:: Read everything we can find about unschooling and meet more unschooling families

:: Find more rhythm and ritual in our days

:: Be mindful

:: Be grateful

:: Eat healthier

:: Simplify everything

:: Be kinder than necessary

:: Plan and dream about our move to America










Wishing you all a happy, healthy, easy 2012.


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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