this week, 18/11








this week

I have spent as much time as possible with friends, in between the packing and cleaning

I have spent more time in parks, chasing birds with Ava

I have finished various sewing projects on my borrowed sewing machine, only to be given said machine to keep! hooray!

I have read a lot of books to Ava

I have had one last York date with my husband

I have had many morning coffees in town

I have drank more lucozade than I ought to have

I have been, more or less, an all-night diner for the little one and her sudden demand for ‘more milk’, all the time

I have enjoyed going to my first Natural Nurturing parenting group in York and wished I had gone sooner

I have enjoyed mentally throwing out half of the crap we’ve acquired in the attempt to have a simpler, more harmonious space to live in

I have thought a bit about the music I love, the people who have given me that music, and the timings that go along with both

I have allowed myself a little bit of dreaming of what our next house might be like

I have looked forward to seeing my closest friend on Sunday, with her large van, come down to help us move

I have learnt more baby signs, and watched in constant amazement at Ava learning them too

I have eagerly anticipated ‘Breaking Dawn’ tonight


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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2 Responses to this week, 18/11

  1. motherwho says:

    Hello! I’m Lucy, we follow each other on twitter. Your blog is gorgeous and it sounds like you’ve had a very busy week! Good luck moving, I look forward to reading more about it. L x

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