the art of letting go

and it is an art, is not one i’ve mastered

like any good Cancerian, i hold things tightly, i internalise them

i blur the boundaries with flair


and if it is a reaction, then my ability to leave one thing

for another is not callousness but merely survival


like this house, my home, slowly being packed and emptied

and stripped of the careful identity it has borrowed from us

when already i have gone and am merely treading water, waiting


so then the book delivered yesterday – Simplicity Parenting – is rather apt

for this time and promises to assist those of us used to hoarding, to the comfort

of clutter, in finding ways to let some of those things go


an approach to calmness, harmony, rhythm, ritual

all things i want, soon, to be used to in our everyday lives


i hope it won’t be so hard a process because we don’t live

a particularly cluttered life already, and because the process of giving away

feels so good, so loosening, making it easy to see

why too many things can be so dangerous, in so many subtle and

clever ways


‘halve your things, then halve them again, and then you are close

to what you really need’,


this simplification echoes what has been and what is a realignment

of our hopes, and our ideas of Family, a replacement of what once seemed

like our hopes and ideas, but never were of course

so much easier to see now than before

easier to do because the goal has changed and the price

of not doing, of not seeing is one too high to bear.


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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2 Responses to the art of letting go

  1. Kendal, I am quite the opposite to you, I let go too easily. Is this supposed to be a Leo trait? I’d be interested to know. I find great joy in change, in new adventures, and get bored far too easily and am far too quick to cast aside. The only thing i don’t easily discard are the people that are special to me, whom i fiercely cling to like a loyal limpet. Sometimes I wish I was more possessive of things, that i valued what I had more. I think great worth comes from things which are treasured and kept safe, and I wish i was more careful with the life I have, as it seems you are. I am always looking for the next thing, always unsatisfied.

    • Kendal says:

      Yes, it is a Leo trait. Cancer is ruled by the Moon (which is symbolic of the past, and looking backward) and Leo ruled by the Sun, which is all about raw energy and looking forwards. Of course there are no doubt a lot of other things to consider. I love change and adventure, and I get bored easily too, which I think is probably in part a result of my Sagittarian ascendant. But I find it hard to emotionally or mentally let go of things I have made a real connection with, and because feeling at home is so important to me, the things around me take on great significance.

      Incidentally, your moon is in Aries which usually means you’d be headstrong, changeable and freedom-loving (and it also signifies the dominance of one parent in your past over another!) x

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