A Quilt for Ava

So, I had big plans for Ava’s birthday cake, and I got up early on her birthday to make it. A vanilla sponge with white chocolate frosting, covered in strawberries. Unfortunately, my oven once again failed me. Or I failed my oven. And 40 minutes later, there was more cake all over my oven than in the cake tin.



















But I was okay with that. Partly, because my Dad and his partner came to the rescue with a pretty nice M and S substitute, but mostly because cake or not, Ava’s quilt got finished.

At 2 in the morning. Whilst Ava played in amongst 25 purple balloons.



















And I was pleased with it. Really pleased with it, especially since it was my first proper quilt. I wanted to give Ava something special on her first birthday, something that would last, something that I had made and put a lot of thought into. A *lot* of thought. And a quilt, an autumn quilt, an October quilt, seemed like the perfect thing.

I couldn’t find any patterns to follow so decided to make up my own, and went for a fairly simple single-sized quilt, using a variety of quilting cottons in 9 inch squares. I really wanted to do a good job so this quilt would last, hopefully for Ava to pass onto her children. And since finishing things is hard for me, part of that good job was to actually, well, complete it without compromising on quality.


























So, here it is:



















48 9-inch squares, pieced together, with 100% cotton batting, and Egyptian cotton backing, and hand-tied rather than quilted.

I think Ava likes it.


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and two children.
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