30 Days of Autumn: 6 (Nature Table)

Yesterday, Ava and I went leaf picking. There’s no denying it was just as fun as it might sound, even with a heavy cold niggling both of us. And so it seemed like the perfect time to begin a Nature Table, which I hope is a constant in our home from now on.

One of the loveliest and most striking ideas I’ve come across from Steiner readings (of which I am yet at the very, very beginning) is the notion that seasons are the best way to create a rhythm in your family, and life. Providing a way to connect one another to the natural world, the Nature Table is a constant reminder in our every day lives to the changes outside, and the beauty of each season.

I like the idea that as Ava gets older, she can add to it, change it around, play with it and in time, get inspired by it to create whatever she feels like creating.


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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One Response to 30 Days of Autumn: 6 (Nature Table)

  1. cathenka says:

    When my mum was a steiner teacher she used to have a nature table in her class room and the kids loved bringing in stuff they’d found. There was even a sheep’s skull on there at one point and obviously during the autumn a hoard of conkers, leaves etc. It was lovely.

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