in good measure

We have been here and there, have played, have laughed a lot, have made mess, have tidied, have eaten cereal for dinner and German apple cake for dessert, have walked, have slept, have understood, have held tighter, have prepared, have done nothing and have made lists.

Soon those lists will come into action. For a 1st birthday, a 30th, a wedding anniversary, Halloween.

Soon the pumpkin fabric will be a dress, the winter coat less than new, not quite so cream.








The quilt my friend made us back downstairs where it belongs (ours, sure, but really mine) and our winter quilt covering our huge bed, in our newly arranged room, with a little extra bed in there now.

All of this in one weekend, and more, that’s never told. The cinema date with a friend. The coffee early in the morning. The lovely old letters under my bed. The lovely new emails in my inbox. The blogs of people I love, whose words I love to read, strong words, enduring, frothing with autumn, all of them.

September weekends have this way about them – they reaffirm my Pollyanna belief in the world. People are good and kind. People bring you fish soup (for Howard to eat) and apple cake (for both, all three, of us to eat). People to love, to celebrate with. People to meet with their beautiful babes. People to be wicked with, to conspire, to harvest, to play and to dance. People to laugh with.

Soon there will be more quilts in this house, and more people too. People from all corners, come to wish my Little a happy 1st birthday, to kiss her peachfuzz cheeks and smell her sweet hair.







For now? The weekends in between. Preparing, and laughing.


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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