chills and connections

On our weekly Sunday walk into town this morning, I definitely felt the chill. There were leaves in the gutter. I wore a scarf. All this means only one thing. One definite, yet exciting thing. Autumn is round the corner.

I can’t believe I’m saying that in August, but it’s true, and the earlier the better I say (and so do all 30 or so of my scarves)

The other exciting thing is the connections Ava is starting to make between things – her first attempt to figure out the world. How this begins, I have no idea, despite the books I’ve read on development, and how a baby’s brain works. How these lateral connections spark in the first place, and then form little pathways to more, and more connections…well it just about knocks my socks off (the only bad things about the colder seasons, as far as I am concerned…the need to wear socks)

Last night, she woke up and instantly grabbed the TV remote (a thing for which she goes gaga for) and in her hand/mouth fumblings, managed to switch on the TV. Right away, she figured out it had been a button she pressed, and then proceeded to press a button over and over again, each time looking at the TV to see what it would do.

And better than the TV (since she doesn’t get to watch it), books…she has figured out how to turn pages in a book, and will now gladly sit with one turning each page (upside down or not) in order over and over again, sometimes pointing out the jolly adventures Mr Pusskins or whoever is having. It’s really quite lovely.


Whereas before, we had to decipher what she wanted from a  variety of strange sounds and very animated facial expressions, now, with the discovery of pointing, there’s no more uncertainty. There are just demands. Like pointing at the door and saying ‘Mama’ to Howard, when I’m not in the room. Or doing the ‘milk’ sign, and then pointing at whichever side she favours for the moment. These are conversations, like the conversations we’d have when she was tiny, and we would mimic each other’s funny noises, or the conversation when she copies parts of songs, like head-shakes, clapping, dancing…

And soon, soon there might even be some words, and I am just so looking forward to those types of conversations.


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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