these summer days

oh the quiet times, sometimes they are the best times. i have loved time by the shore, contemplating sky and sand. i have loved the freedom of driving. i have loved the rainstorms and thunderstorms slicing through this heat. i have loved the blonde eyebrows on a (nearly) 10 months old girl – perfect eyebrows i tell you – while she sleeps always beside me.

letting things so, sometimes with grace, more often than not with doubt and resistance, this is the lesson i learn every day, mothering, living. being okay with pyjama days, with dishes in the sink, with clothes on the bedroom floor. being okay, sometimes, with popcorn for lunch. trying hard to remember that everyone is like this, in their ways too. that those who wish to appear otherwise are perhaps more in need of kindness than anyone else.

who said summers here are short? these days last, they persevere. sometimes, they don’t make it so easy to be mindful. they have their challenges.

but the quiet times, they are what i like this summer, the first with my girl, who moves  in bigger and bigger circles, exploring,  always returning to me.

i am her centre, right now, her gravitational pull, her moon-tide, and she comes back again and again and i never let her go.


About Kendal

I'm Kendal Mosley-Chalk. I live in York with my husband and four children.
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